Monday, November 2, 2015

look! it's not mittens!

After 2 weeks of sewing mittens, I needed a break.
So I made a few more infant hats.

And some Christmas Stockings!

What a nice change
 Some have the same on the front and back, and some have a solid back

There are more sweaters pulled for making today. 

And now for the obligatory, albeit somewhat not up to standard, photos of Halloween costumes

And the adults who borrowed heavily from the kid costume box.

My husband and I would have won the best couple award, but I went home at midnight to relieve the babysitter. So they gave him the best male. My little badge says, "he's a keeper" HA! get it!

Hope all is well where you are..

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Well Hello!!!!
Summer has been here and gone. 
I really need to document it here for record keeping purposes. But at another time.

Guess what comes after summer???
My favourite-est season of all!

Here are a few things I am working on for future holiday markets.

Infant hats. With ears. Too adorable.

The usual... Sweater Mittens! Lined with cashmere.

Slouch Hats

So cool. Or is that "sick"? What is the current word for cool?

I will also be working on cashmere socks, Christmas Stockings, ornaments, crayon wallets,
And whatever else I can fit in my limited sewing time.

So here are the shows:
Nov. 14, Ingomar Christmas sale... Firehall
Nov. 21, Shelburne Christmas sale... Firehall
Nov. 29, It's a Grand Christmas, Yarmouth, Rodd Grand Hotel
Dec. 4, Lockeport Christmas Sale... Market Square

More specific details to follow.
So. now that you're here, will you play detective with me? Let's see how well social media works.
Guess it only works if you are reading in the right place at the right time. :}

I had a customer at the Guild Hall farmer's Market this summer. She ordered 2 pairs of cashmere socks.

You were closing your cottage on the weekend you picked them up from me.
I carried your business card around the whole month and threw it away on the same day that I needed to contact you.
You work at the Bank of Montreal.  I thought it was Bridgewater, but I called and they didn't know of anyone who had a cottage this way.
So.. is this you? Do you know who I'm talking of?
Please, have her contact me.

Hope all is well where you are!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Craft fair

Last weekend, there was a craft fair at the fire hall.
I'm really liking my new-ish wire burlap baskets and chalk paint labels.
I decided to try some new items for summer.
 Cashmere socks!
And of course, I must have lovies for the littles.

The following items are now available at  
Bear friend in a tin
 bunny in a basket. Actually, they are sold separately.

The ever fabulous, Hand Puppets

Socks, dollies, glass plates
 And trinket tray
 This past weekend, we also celebrated Neve's 1st Communion.
T'was a lovely day for a lovely occasion with some family visiting too.
Have a good one.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

rope rope rope

Sorry, I do have more to show you, but I was so excited to show you this, that I must do it now.
 This is not a pure cotton rope, it is polyester and cotton. 
With a foam core. The foam squishes and flattens when you sew it. 
It seems the rope is a little smaller in size also, although it says it is the same thickness. 
And it is half the price of the pure cotton rope, which I can't find.
(Anyone have a lead on cotton rope?)
I think I will make more of these though.
So many variations to try.

I thought that with the polyester quotient, it would be good to make coasters.
Yes, it would be. More to come. 
And what about that stool in the photo shoot?
We have two of them.
 They were made by my Husband's grandfather. 
I love the paint on it. The other one is clean.
 I toyed with sanding it down on a few occasions,
 but really..
it is distressed honestly, no fakery there.
And in news from the chicken farm:
One of our chickens died yesterday. 
Balky or Brownie, we're not sure which one, 
but the one pictured below is, indeed, the one that has passed.
Passed in her sleep after being slow for a few days.
thanks chicky hoo hoo
we enjoyed your eggs and entertainment.

Brrr, must go sit by that roaring fire in the photo above.
Bring on the spring weather!!


Monday, April 20, 2015

cotton bowls

It's been busy at the sewing machine. I think I will stretch it out to give you more blog posts.
Here is the latest obsession:
Cotton rope bowls
I've been wanting to do this for years. 
With the latest craze documented by some of my favourite bloggers,
 Soulemama and maya made 
and finding the actual rope at the local hardware store, 
I felt it was time to try it out.
Love love love.
Do you see the thin threads of colour?
Yea, it wasn't enough colour for me.
So I tired it again with bits of felt.
Yes, much better!
 I love the texture and pops of colour. It is therapeutic to sew around and around.

I have many more ideas for adding colour to the outside.
 The only thing stopping me is lack of materials. It is very expensive at the local hardware store. I think I may have to wait until I or someone else goes to the city.
Should I make these available to sell at the Spring Craft sale at the Fire Hall on May 2nd?
Whaddaya think?

have a good one,

Friday, April 3, 2015

I sewed a pair of socks!


Look how pretty they are! 
And so comfortable.
Now I know what I'll be using my patterned cashmere sweaters for.
I bought the pattern for Polar fleece socks on a trip to Joann's in Sarasota.
Oh yes, we went to Florida for 2 weeks in March. 
I haven't taken the crappy pictures from my phone yet, but I will write a post here for record keeping.
It was wonderful. Hot, sunny, beachy, hot tub, pooly and other interests were taken care of.
And I didn't need a pair of socks once!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

a little stitchy

I have a little down time this week, so I pulled out a kit in an envie.

It's from Mollie Makes, UK version.
It's nice and compact. I only needed the hoop and a pair of scissors.
The thread is not such great quality. It tangles. 
I had a moment of bringing my own, but just went with it.
and this is for knitterly people. DO you see a problem with this below?
Have a good one.